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Driveway Before

Driveway has settled two inches. This needs repair before is cracks to the point it can not be repaired!

Driveway After

Driveway is permenantly rasied back for proper drainage and ease of use. It will now last many more years!

Garage Approach Before

Driveway sunk up to the garage. Hard to park the car or pull in the trash cans inside making the garage hard to use.

Garage Approach After

The garage is now able to use again. No more sinking and cracking. You can now pull into the garage easily.

Front Step Before

All steps have a legal code heigth that is often lost due to settleing of concrete. This is a commen problem that can be solved for much less than expected when Raise Tech is called.

Front Step After

No more tripping from a step that has sunk and settled. Your property is now up to code for much less than replacment!

Porch Posts Before

Porch settling is a common problem. Posts can seperate from the house or even pull parts of the house down. This can be very costly to replace.

Concrete Slab After

Raise Tech can lift your porch and provide your property with the support it needs to look great for years to come and for a fraction of the cost of replacment.

Learn How It Is Done!

I can solve your conrete problems in three simple steps!

Firstly, we believe it’s good for you to know that most concrete raising jobs will take between one to two (1-5) hours—start to finish—and your concrete will be ready for use immediately upon completion!

1. When you level your uneven concrete using poly foam concrete raising techniques, ⅝” injection holes (Size of a dime!) are strategically drilled around the areas where the concrete is sunken and requires lifting.

2. The concrete raising equipment is contained in a truck or trailer, and has a sufficient length of hose to accommodate most locations, the hose is extended to reach the area in need of repair.

3. Once everything is prepped and the hose and materials are in place, the polyurethane foam is injected through the holes which fills the space underneath the concrete slab, using the concrete slab itself to drive the foam into the crevices, thereby lifting the concrete back to its original, correct level. Upon completion of leveling the concrete, the injection hole(s) are filled discretely with new cement, allowing you to use your surface immediately. It’s as simple as drill, pump and patch! Your concrete is ready to use immediately!

Raise Tech proudly uses HMI products. HMI is aleader in polyurethane injection and is a trusted name in the industry. Their pantented inovation allows Raise Tech to offer unparelleld quality. If your concrete is past due for repair we can help get you the company that we trust to fix your problems.

Watch this video from the Polyerathane manufacturer For even more information.

Your Concrete Raising Solution!

Quick & Reliable Repair Of Settled And Sunken Conrete
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